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Our new addition!


The Center’s addition is nearing completion and will include a research laboratory, library, offices and housing for visiting scientists.

The new addition will also house a Community Public Library and Science Learning Center for local students. Students will be able to learn about science, math, and conservation education through hands-on activities and will be able to participate in laboratory and outdoor education projects and use science equipment such as telescopes, microscopes, and other equipment.

Project Simba’s after-school Science Explorers Club will provide fun and interesting learning activities to supplement classroom lessons, field trips to local game reserves, and nature hikes to teach students about local plants and wildlife species. The club has started an organic Community Garden in order to help the local community establish more secure food resources. To support this, the children helped design and create a ‘gray’ water runoff irrigation system to water the plants and also helped build a rainwater collection unit. Students will also be able to participate in conservation projects such as recycling, clean-up projects, and tree-planting programs.

Lerata Primary School


The Lerata Primary School was the recipient of school supplies, books, and equipment by schools and individuals in the U.S. and the U.K. through the Lion Conservation Fund and the Center for Lion Conservation and Research in Kenya.

The Washington School, Bessemer, Michigan USA and Marshgate Primary School, London, England have joined Lerata Primary School as Sister Schools. Third Grade teacher Pat Filippini and her students collected books, school supplies and book bags to send to the students in Lerata as well as a school in Archer’s Post. Her third-graders filled individual pencil bags with basic school supplies for each student and teacher and included a set of books and maps about their own location and culture in Michigan. The schools are collaborating to exchange lessons and learn about each other’s geography, culture, and lives.


Preschool teacher Fiona Stevens of Marshgate Primary School, London, England organized and held an African Cultural Day in London to raise funds and collect supplies and books for the school. The Marshgate students participated in a day of song, performances, crafts, foods, and cultural activities of Kenya in May 2005. Ms. Stevens then visited Lerata Primary School in August to volunteer at the school, bring supplies and gifts to the children, and to learn more about the Samburu culture in order to share it with her students in London.

Northwood Christian Academy in Hurley, Wisconsin USA also donated school supplies, games, books, puzzles and made book bags for the students in Samburu District. They held a contest to save pennies and coins to purchase materials for the school. Students from Massachusetts Bay Community College and Cambridge College shipped books and supplies to the school, with assistance from the Johnson and Johnson Corporation.


College Students and elementary teachers from Massachusetts donated school supplies, books, and building materials to the Lerata and Kalama Primary School in Samburu. The volunteers built desks and bookshelves, painted classrooms, and created learning centers. When they arrived, the only materials in the preschool were a small pile of stones in one corner and bottlecaps in another, so they decided to give the preschool an 'extreme makeover' and complete renovation.



The group conducted conservation education programs that included developing a play, song, and dance about lions and their plight. Children in the Wildlife Club created posters and drawings with the theme, People, Wildlife, and Livestock Living Together. Family members, the community, local conservancies, and KWS officers were invited to watch their performances and participate in the Community Conservation Day with games, prizes, food, traditional Samburu songs and dance, and fun. The students at LPS and KPS were also invited to perform at a new school that opened in Nanyuki in March.


Kids Helping Kids


Kristen & April (ages 8 & 9), two young girls from Michigan, organized a bake sale to raise funds to help provide food & water for the Samburu Tribe in Kenya and raised funds to assist 15 families for one month.

An 8-year old boy from New York collected and recycled cans from his neighbors to protect and research lions.



A medical dispensary has now been built in order to provide basic medical needs to community members, free of charge. The dispensary also conducts health education programs and has services to promote prevention of diseases such as malaria, cholera, tuberculosis, and Aids.

The Centre for Lion Conservation and Research in Kenya is a community-based conservation initiative dedicated to protecting wildlife and serving people who live with wildlife.

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