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You can support important research and conservation of lions in Kenya’s protected and unprotected habitats by “adopting” an individual lion or by sponsoring an entire pride. By joining our “pride” you can help build a better future for lions living on the planet. Learning more about these animals, the environment in which they live, and the threats they face will greatly increase their chances of survival.

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As a top carnivore, lions often are a keystone species, and, as such, play a key role in structuring and preserving biodiversity. Top predators, such as lions, play a role in regulating prey species which, in turn, help shape habitat and plant communities. Understanding and conserving lions, therefore, is essential to maintaining healthy ecosystems and protecting biodiversity.

The African lion is currently listed as “Vulnerable” and “locally Endangered” on the IUCN’s Red List of Endangered Species. As such, the lion faces a “high risk of extinction in the wild” and is regarded as a high priority species for wildlife conservation. Remaining individual populations of lions are small, isolated, and decreasing.

Gift Donations


An eco-friendly alternative to traditional gifts! You can support research, conservation and habitat restoration with a unique and meaningful lion “adoption” or donation in the name of a friend, client, or loved one. Make A Gift Donation of any amount and your friend, loved one or client will be sent a card acknowledging the unique gift of saving wild lives.

Anonymous Donor Pledges $10,000 Challenge Grant!

An anonymous donor has recently pledged to match all donations to LCF up to a total of $10,000. Please help us reach this goal!

To speak with someone about giving, email us at info@kenyalions.org or make your donation online.

By working with people living with lions, we hope to help secure their long-term survival.

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