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The Center for Lion Conservation and Research in Kenya

The recent decline in lion populations over the past decade has emphasized the urgent need to assess the status of local lion populations, understand their unique ecologies and behaviors, and implement sound conservation programs to protect them.

The Centre for Lion Conservation and Research in Kenya, is located in the Samburu District in northern Kenya. We practice holistic conservation, recognizing that the health of wildlife, livestock, humans, and the environment in which they exist, are inextricably linked.

Tess, an adult female lioness with 4 small cubs, was rescued from a poachers snare by scientist at Lion Conservation Fund

Dipa Lenayangera, General Operations Manager

By bringing governments, scientists and local communities together, working in collaboration at all levels; long-term environmental sustainability is more likely to occur. Establishment of policies and programs that integrate the welfare of all species and their shared habitats promotes healthy, biodiverse ecosystems which support the conservation of at-risk species such as lions.

Because Samburu is so remote, vast expanses of wilderness remain intact. All this is rapidly changing, however. Teamwork has been essential to the success of this initiative, which will ultimately involve more than 200 remote villages and 3 municipalities seeking to preserve their traditional way of life and conserve rare ecosystems in the face of globalization and resource overuse. We have partnered with local community conservancies such as West Gate Community Conservancy, Namunyak Wildlife Conservation Trust, Kalama Community Wildlife Conservation Trust, Northern Rangelands Trust, and others.

LCF supports the Centre’s projects, including Project Simba, the Samburu Lion Project, the Tsavo Lion Project, and the Rift Valley Lion Project.

Map of Kenya Research & Conservation Territory

Map of Kenya Research & Conservation Territory

The Centre for Lion Conservation and Research in Kenya

P.O. Box 622 Isiolo, Kenya

P.O. Box 380-170 Cambridge, MA 02138 USA

For more information visit: http://www.kenyalions.org

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The Centre for Lion Conservation and Research in Kenya is a community-based conservation initiative dedicated to protecting wildlife and serving people who live with wildlife.

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